New! Ricci Piano Instruction Book

F.P. Ricci’s Elementary Music for the Piano
100 Short Pieces from the Classical Period

This new edition, edited by Harriet St. Clair Jones, presents an accurate modern copy of the music in F.P. Ricci’s first edition of the Recueil, free of excessive editorial comments and fingerings. All articulations, dynamics, and slurs are the composer’s. Also included in this edition is the violin part Ricci wrote as optional accompaniments to his pieces.

Released Spring 2021
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Cover of The Recueil by Francesco Pasquale Ricci

The Recording

Selections from the Recueil
by Francesco Pasquale Ricci

Harriet St. Clair Jones performs 71 pieces from the collection of elementary piano music by the 18th-century Italian composer.

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