Students Play Ricci

Andrea Ming, age five, plays “No. 9” and “No. 10” of The Recueil by F.P. Ricci.

Teachers Say

“Your playing sounds like the composer himself is improvising and there is a childlike quality about it, a freshness, lightness and spontaneity… a remarkable and original achievement.” —Annie Nalezny, Berkeley pianist and instructor

Students Say

Upon playing #10 from The Recueil for the first time, beginning student Maureen’s first reaction was, “Wow!” After practicing the piece for several weeks on her electric keyboard, she added, “I feel proud of myself. It feels like I am playing real classical music. I don’t need to look at the music, it is easier to remember.”

Stephan playing piano
At a recent Fiat Music Co. recital, Stephan Horsley played “No. 69,” the “Toccata.”
Chase Concon
Chase Concon has performed “No. 10,” and he has also started to play “No. 22.”