Recueil Editions & Ricci Recordings

Past Recueil Editions

Original Edition: RECUEIL DE CONNAISANCES ELEMENTAIRES POUR LE FORTE–PIANO. Has an additional violin part written for the music teacher. Engraver: A. Stechwey. Composer and Publisher: Francesco Pasquale Ricci, Published: Spring, 1779, The Hague. One can order a complete microfilm or copy of the Recueil with the violin part from the:

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Second Edition: METHODE OU RECUEIL De Connoissances Elementaires pour le Forte-Piano ou Clavecin. Composers: J. Ch. Bach and F. P. Ricci. Has a Seconde Partie taken from the unattributed Probestucke of J. Ch. Bach’s brother, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach. The violin part that was in the original edition by F. P. Ricci is missing. Publisher: LE DUC, c.1786, Paris.

Three 20th-CENTURY FACSIMILE EDITIONS (All of them are from the 1786 Le Duc edition).

1. METHODE OU RECUEIL De Connoissances Elementaires pour le Forte-Piano ou Clavecin. Composers: J. C. Bach and F. P. Ricci. Publisher: Minkoff, 1986.

2. Metodo per il Forte-piano o Clavicembalo. Editor: Ennio Cominetti. Composers: J. Ch. Bach and F. P. Ricci. Publisher: Paideia Brescia, 1986.

3. Methodes et Traites 7, Serie 1, France 1600–1800.  Volume 1, 2n’d chapter pp 37-91. “METHODE OU RECUEIL” PAR  J. C. BACH ET  F.P.RICCI. (“Chez LE DUC”)  The piano part  and front page from the Le Duc edition appear first, followed by the “Second Partie” by Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, who is un attributed .  The last section has the violin part and the front page from the original F. P. Ricci edition. Publisher: Editions  J. M. FUZEAU, 2000.

Other Modern Elementary Editions

Note: All editions appear to use the Le Duc edition as their source.

1.  Alfred Mirovitch, 14 Easy Masterpieces for the Piano compiled from the Collection of J. C. bach and F. P. Ricci.  Publisher, Edwin H. Morris & Co. 1954.

2 . J. C. Bach and F. P. Ricci, Introduction to the Piano Method or Collection of elementary Studies for the Forte-piano or Harpsichord. Edited by Beatrice Erdely. Published by Novello, Cat. Nos. 01 0299–01 0302. Four volumes, 1987. A complete set of all the 100 pieces in F. P. Ricci’s Recueil.

3.  Nancy Metzger, Harpsichord technique, combining harpsichrd touch with performance guidlines for all keybordists. Featuring Music from: Methode ou Recueil de Connaissances elementaires pour le piano forte ou clavecin  J. C. Bach and F. P. Ricci. Nancy Metzger.  About thirty pieces from F. P. Ricci’s Recueil are in this music book. The engraving is very beautiful and clear. Publisher: Musica Dulce, Portland, Oregon. 1989.

4. Faber and Faber, Artist Piano Literature, Book 1. F. P. Ricci’s “No. 10,” attributed to J. C. Bach and F. P. Ricci. It has a missing “C” in the second to last measure. Published by F. J. H. Music Company, 1991.

5. Faber and Faber, Artist Piano Literature, Book 2, F. P. Ricci’s “No. 22,” attributed to Johann Christian Bach under the title “Prelude in A Minor,” p. 13.

Alfred publishing Company has several volumes that contain elementary piano pieces from the Recueil, and they are almost always attributed to J. Ch. Bach.

6. Essential Keyboard Repertoire Vol. 6, To develop technique and musicianship, “Etude in B-flat Major” (F. P. Ricci’s “No. 34”), “Etude in F major” (F. P. Ricci’s “No. 26”), “Andante con Moto” (part of F. P. Ricci’s “No.41″), “Minuet in B-flat major” (Ricci’s “No. 51”), and “Con Portamento” (F. P. Ricci’s “No. 88”—measure 16, the “b” in the left hand should be a “d-sharp”). All these pieces are attributed to Johann Christian Bach except for “No. 41” which is attributed to Ricci. Edited by Maurice Hinson. Published by Alfred Publishing Co, 1994, pp. 14, 15, 48, 49, 50.

7. Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Vol. 8, #95, Early/Late Intermediate Miniatures…. F. P. Ricci’s “No. 64” is under the title “Tempo Giusto” and is attributed to Johann Christian Bach. Edited by M. Hinson. Alfred Publishing Co., 1994, p.52.

8. Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Vol. 7, #84, Early Intermediate Selections. F. P. Ricci’s “No. 13” is under the title “Minuetto in F Major” and is attributed to “Johann Christian Bach (1735–1882) and/or Francesco Pasquale Ricci (1732–1817).” The editor mentions that “Ricci wrote most of the instructions and J. C. Bach wrote most of the music.” Edited by Willard A. Palmer. Published by Alfred Publishing Co, 1995, p. 69.

Other F.P. Ricci Recordings

F. P. Ricci, Sacred Works, Vol. 1, Stabat Mater
Available from

F. P. Ricci,  Dies Irae, Vol. 2. Performed by Capriccio Italiano Ensemble, Daniele Ferrari, conductor. Includes organ works from The Recueil, performed by Giorgio Cappelli. Number 76 is especially beautiful.
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F.P. Ricci, Six Sinfonias Opus II. Performed by the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra. Conductor Jan Willem de Vriend.
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“Harpsichord Technique, A Guide to Expressivity.” Featuring Music from: “Methode ou Recueil de Connaissances elementaies pour le piano forte ou clavecin” by J. C. Bach and F. P. Ricci, Paris, 1786. This harpsichord method features a CD performed by the author, Nancy Metzger. She plays 30 pieces from the “Recueil” on the harpsichord. Not only does she play the music beautifully, she has clearly written the thirty pieces by hand. This edition with the CD can be ordered from the Publisher: Musica Dulce, 6827 Coachlite Way, Sacramento, CA. 95831. Website: The edition was first published in 1989, and the fourth printing was in 2008.