Writings by Harriet St. Clair Jones on the life of F. P. Ricci and his Recueil de Connaissances Elementaires pour le Forte-piano:

Francesco Pasquale Ricci—An Enlightened Music Master
F. P. Ricci was born to a prosperous merchant family on May 17, 1732, in the Italian city of Como, located on the border of the Swiss Alps. Upon completion of a liberal education, Ricci studied music and violin with Giuseppe Vignati, the Maestro di Cappella for the Ducal Palace of Milan… Read more

The Recueil and Its Transformations
In this section I will present evidence of how compositional credit of Francesco Pasquale’s Recueil was misattributed by the publisher LeDuc. The Recueil’s history, and recent scholarly writings, will provide the  proof… Read more

My Search for F. P. Ricci’s Recueil
An email inter­view with Har­riet St. Clair Jones by Marina Riboni, Reporter at La Provin­cia di Como, Italy

Italian translations-By Gabriella Einaga
Francesco Pasquale Ricci—Un insegnante di musica illuminato
Il Recueil e le sue trasformazioni