Recueil Editions

 Past Recueil Edi­tions

Orig­i­nal Edi­tion: RECUEIL DE CONNAISANCES ELEMENTAIRES POUR LE FORTEPIANO. Has an addi­tion­al vio­lin part writ­ten for the music teacher. Engraver: A. Stech­wey. Com­pos­er and Pub­lish­er: Francesco Pasquale Ric­ci, Pub­lished: Spring, 1779, The Hague. One can order a com­plete micro­film or copy of the Recueil with the vio­lin part from the:

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Sec­ond Edi­tion: METHODE OU RECUEIL De Con­nois­sances Ele­men­taires pour le Forte-Piano ou Clavecin. Com­posers: J. Ch. Bach and F. P. Ric­ci. Has a Sec­onde Par­tie tak­en from the unat­trib­uted Probestucke of J. Ch. Bach’s broth­er, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach. The vio­lin part that was in the orig­i­nal edi­tion by F. P. Ric­ci is miss­ing. Pub­lish­er: LE DUC, c.1786, Paris.

Three 20th-CEN­TU­RY FACSIMILE EDITIONS (All of them are from the 1786 Le Duc edi­tion).

1. METHODE OU RECUEIL De Con­nois­sances Ele­men­taires pour le Forte-Piano ou Clavecin. Com­posers: J. C. Bach and F. P. Ric­ci. Pub­lish­er: Minkoff, 1986.

2. Meto­do per il Forte-piano o Clav­icem­ba­lo. Edi­tor: Ennio Cominet­ti. Com­posers: J. Ch. Bach and F. P. Ric­ci. Pub­lish­er: Paideia Bres­cia, 1986.

3. Meth­od­es et Traites 7, Serie 1, France 1600 — 1800.  Vol­ume 1, 2n’d chap­ter pp 37–91.  “METHODE OU RECUEIL”  PAR  J. C. BACH ET  F.P.RICCI. (“Chez LE DUC”)   The piano part  and front page from the Le Duc edi­tion appear first, fol­lowed by the   the “Sec­ond Par­tie”  by Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, who is un attrib­uted .  The last sec­tion has the vio­lin part and the front page from the orig­i­nal F. P. Ric­ci edi­tion.  Pub­lish­er: Edi­tions  J. M. FUZEAU, 2000.

Mod­ern Ele­men­tary Edi­tions
Note: All edi­tions appear to use the Le Duc edi­tion as their source.


1.  Alfred Mirovitch, 14 Easy Mas­ter­pieces for the Piano com­piled from the Col­lec­tion of J. C. bach and F. P. Ric­ci.  Pub­lish­er, Edwin H. Mor­ris & Co. 1954.

2 . J. C. Bach and F. P. Ric­ci, Intro­duc­tion to the Piano Method or Col­lec­tion of ele­men­tary Stud­ies for the Forte-piano or Harp­si­chord. Edit­ed by Beat­rice Erde­ly. Pub­lished by Nov­el­lo, Cat. Nos. 01 0299–01 0302. Four vol­umes, 1987. A com­plete set of all the 100 pieces in F. P. Ricci’s Recueil.

3.  Nan­cy Met­zger, Harp­si­chord tech­nique, com­bin­ing harp­sichrd touch with per­for­mance guid­lines for all key­bor­dists. Fea­tur­ing Music from:  Meth­ode ou Recueil de Con­nais­sances ele­men­taires pour le piano forte ou clavecin  J. C. Bach and F. P. Ric­ci.  Nan­cy Met­zger.  About thir­ty pieces from F. P. Ric­ci’s Recueil are in this music book . The engrav­ing is very beau­ti­ful and clear.  Pub­lish­er: Musi­ca Dulce, Port­land, Ore­gon. 1989.

4. Faber and Faber, Artist Piano Lit­er­a­ture, Book 1. F. P. Ricci’s “No. 10,” attrib­uted to J. C. Bach and F. P. Ric­ci. It has a miss­ing “C” in the sec­ond to last mea­sure. Pub­lished by F. J. H. Music Com­pa­ny, 1991.

5. Faber and Faber, Artist Piano Lit­er­a­ture, Book 2, F. P. Ricci’s “No. 22,” attrib­uted to Johann Chris­t­ian Bach under the title “Pre­lude in A Minor,” p. 13.

Alfred pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny has sev­er­al vol­umes that con­tain ele­men­tary piano pieces from the Recueil, and they are almost always attrib­uted to J. Ch. Bach.

6. Essen­tial Key­board Reper­toire Vol. 6, To devel­op tech­nique and musi­cian­ship, “Etude in B‑flat Major” (F. P. Ricci’s “No. 34”), “Etude in F major” (F. P. Ricci’s “No. 26”), “Andante con Moto” (part of F. P. Ricci’s “No.41″), “Min­uet in B‑flat major” (Ricci’s “No. 51”), and “Con Por­ta­men­to” (F. P. Ricci’s “No. 88”—measure 16, the “b” in the left hand should be a “d‑sharp”). All these pieces are attrib­uted to Johann Chris­t­ian Bach except for “No. 41” which is attrib­uted to Ric­ci. Edit­ed by Mau­rice Hin­son. Pub­lished by Alfred Pub­lish­ing Co, 1994, pp. 14, 15, 48, 49, 50.

7. Essen­tial Key­board Reper­toire, Vol. 8, #95, Early/Late Inter­me­di­ate Minia­tures…. F. P. Ricci’s “No. 64” is under the title “Tem­po Gius­to” and is attrib­uted to Johann Chris­t­ian Bach. Edit­ed by M. Hin­son. Alfred Pub­lish­ing Co., 1994, p.52.

8. Essen­tial Key­board Reper­toire, Vol. 7, #84, Ear­ly Inter­me­di­ate Selec­tions. F. P. Ricci’s “No. 13” is under the title “Min­uet­to in F Major” and is attrib­uted to “Johann Chris­t­ian Bach (1735–1882) and/or Francesco Pasquale Ric­ci (1732–1817).” The edi­tor men­tions that “Ric­ci wrote most of the instruc­tions and J. C. Bach wrote most of the music.” Edit­ed by Willard A. Palmer. Pub­lished by Alfred Pub­lish­ing Co, 1995, p. 69.

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