About F. P. Ricci

Portrait of F. P. RicciFrancesco Pasquale Ricci (May 17, 1732 – November 7, 1817), was an Italian composer and violinist.

Ricci was born in Como. He traveled widely, and lived for many years in The Hague and published most of his work in Northern Europe. He returned in 1780 to his position as maestro di cappella at Como Cathedral. Ricci’s student, the Baroness Josina van Boetzelaer, became one of two Dutch women composers of the 18th century whose music survives today.

People say he co-authored The Recueil with J. Ch. Bach under the title Methode… . This is incorrect and is explained in “The Recueil and Its Transformations.” There was no known portrait of Ricci made while he was living.

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