The Recueil CD

Cover of The Recueil by Francesco Pasquale RicciSelec­tions from the Recueil
by Francesco Pasquale Ric­ci

Har­ri­et St. Clair Jones per­forms 71 pieces from the col­lec­tion of ele­men­tary piano music by the 18th-cen­tu­ry Ital­ian com­pos­er.

Avail­able through
and, and from iTunes

CD Cred­its: Record­ed, edit­ed and mas­tered by Michael Cogan, Bay Records, Lafayette, Cal­i­for­nia / Addi­tion­al edit­ing and mas­ter­ing by Robert Shu­mak­er / Lin­er notes: Har­ri­et St. Clair Jones / Ms. Jones biog­ra­phy: Irene Schreier Scott / Edi­to­r­i­al assis­tance: Sunah Cher­win, Sara Glaser, Irene Schreier Scott / Trans­la­tion: Gabriel­la Eina­ga / Pho­tographs: Ned­er­lands Muziek Insti­tu­ut, Emanuele Lux­oro (Ospedale S. Anna, Como, Italy), Dominique Pel­letey, / Graph­ic design: Sara Glaser.

The cov­er of the CD shows the title page of Ricci’s Recueil.

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